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How evergreen is your Yule tree?


It’s the Yule season and one of the best parts of Yule is that lovely Yule tree. Well, aside from the  awesome fact that the sun will soon be returning!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Ahem, I digress …


Whether you decorate your Yule tree with homemade ornaments from childhood or just anything with lots of glitter, one question remains – which is better for the environment, a real tree or a reusable one?

There are arguments for both sides. Natural trees (assuming they are replanted) act to sequester carbon but are also  important for the ecosystem. Artificial trees can be reused over and over but, well, they are made of plastic. But, where amidst the arguments shines the light of truth?

Lucky for me, Ellipsos Consulting in Montreal just saved me a whack of research and published a Life-Cycle Analysis on Artificial vs. Natural Christmas Trees. And, to save you a…

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A really green Yule tree!!


Into the debate on reusable vs. real Yule trees, I offer this amazing Christmas Tree made from 40,000 discarded plastic bottles. Created by Jolanta Šmidtienė for the city of Kaunas, Lithuania, this tree is a double green winner saving both money and the planet.  Check out the full story from for all the details.


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Do trees communicate?


I have always wondered at the separation between science and spirituality. How many of our deep spiritual understandings, such as communicating with nature, are also scientifically true in ways that we just don’t understand yet?

And, more importantly, how would this understanding change the way we interact with our planet?

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Najlepša ostvarenja sa konkursa za F i NF haiku „Vrba na kaldrmi“



kad se ugase

ulična svetla, vrba

se zacrveni.

Gordana Matić

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Najlepša ostvarenja sa konkursa za F i NF haiku „Vrba na kaldrmi“



veče u parku –

žalosna vrba i ja

čekamo jesen

Ivan Ivković

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Tree faces – Interview

Поновно, дрво има лице.

Тако је говорио Јован Дучић

У старости сe прокажу на лицу карактeр и душа човeкова, као што сe прокажу рeљeфи јeдног брeга тeк у зиму кад изгуби шуму и потпуно оголи. Има лица која са старошћу добију нeшто свeтитeљско или мудрачко, друга мучeничко и болeсничко, а трeћа животињско и звeрско.


Тако је писао Меша Селимовић

„Тужан сам и због тебе, али нећу да ти кажем. Данима и седмицама сам путовао, да те видим. Увече сам лијегао под шумско дрво, гладан, изубијаних ногу, промрзао од ледене кише, и заборављао на све, разоварајући с тобом.

(„Дервиш и смрт“)


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